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Piece of Cake is a love story following two bride cake toppers as they journey across a bakery to be together. 
As the producer for our team of eleven students I have many responsibilities including:

  • Preparing and running dailies through PowerPoint presentations or ShotGrid 

  • Tracking shot and asset progress in a Google Sheets master file

  • Managing an organized ShotGrid project

  • Communicating with the team through Discord or ShotGrid to give feedback and guidance

  • Managing a weekly and monthly calendar with project goals

  • Coordinating team meetings outside of set class time


First starting in June of 2021 after film teams were announced, I quickly got to work setting up a Dropbox file system. This is where we keep all of our files from concept art, to promotional material, to Maya files.

Within our production folder I set up a master Maya project. This eliminates the need for file sharing and downloading as individuals can use the Dropbox desktop app to directly open assets or animation files from our Production folder.

Next, I created a naming convention document found within the editorial folder to help keep an organized naming system across our files

After this, I developed a master Google spreadsheet that contains the shot list, asset list, and calendar schedule to help keep track of everything throughout the pipeline

Now time for ShotGrid! After fall quarter using our usual Dropbox and Google setup as well as PowerPoint dailies presentations, our professor let us know we were getting access to ShotGrid. Starting in January of 2022 for the beginning of our winter quarter, I was granted access to start putting together our project in ShotGrid. With only using ShotGrid before as an artist, it has been fun to discover all of the possibilities of the software as a producer and figure out the best way to organize our project. As production continues, I am excited to keep on using the software and grow my skills as I learn more.  

As my team was first starting to use ShotGrid, I had to not only teach myself the software while putting our project together, but also teach the rest of my teammates how to use it as well. So, I put together a small introduction guide to help them learn how to navigate the software as well as correctly post updates. 

Our team had the best time bringing this wonderful film to life, so thank you for watching and checking out the behind the scenes of our film!

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